The Avenue Plaza Hotel; Make it an Extraordinary Avenue.

As the hotel enters it’s 11th year of giving the Bicolano people the most extraordinary experience, they gave the public a glimpse on what to expect for the coming months as Avenue Plaza Hotel reinvents itself for the modern millennial age.

Last September 8, The Avenue Plaza Hotel launched its new logo, carrying its new tagline,

The hotel’s President Allan S. Cu said in the launch that “our brands promise is to give the hotel guests the power to experience the grandness and the beauty of life at any time of their choosing. The power to not wait for calendared occasions, but to create celebrations out of ordinary moments. And the power to make each day not just another day.”
He asked the assembled hotel patrons and members of the media to “forget the routinary, don’t settle for the customary, because at the Avenue Plaza Hotel, you can have everything extraordinary!”

During the launch Avenue Plaza Hotel debuted its 2018 uniform, in a fashion show aptly named “The Avenue Plaza Hotel Wears Francis Libiran” held at the hotel’s lobby and adjoining Café Plazuela. Modelled by 28 real managers and staff of the hotel, from across its front-of-the-house and heart-of-the-house departments.

The uniforms were designed and tailored by world-renowned fashion icon Francis Libiran, who has been creating the Avenue’s uniforms since 2014.

Francis Libiran’s creations are worn by the Philippines’ high society, by Hollywood, by brides in the Philippines and abroad. His A-list clients include American supermodel Tyra Banks (of America’s Next Top Model fame).
In his message to the hotel employees, Francis Libiran reminded them to “wear your uniform with pride, because I designed it with love and pride.” “Always carry it, on a daily basis, in a positive way,” the designer added.

Watch the full fashion show and official statements of hotel’s President Allan S. Cu and Designer Francis Libiran.

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