Month: November 2017

BidiBidi Cafe

Finally a cafe at my mother’s hometown. First of its kind in the area where the cafe occupies the lower portion of a Spanish house. Upon entering the compound, lush greens will welcome you. Culture and great food meets in a place where everyone is already at home as early as 7pm. Baao is a place where you want to feel the probinsya vibes. It’s my second home, where my mom grew up and still a lot of my relatives are still living there.

Cam Sur Deer Farm

The Christmas season is coming once again and to kick start, why not visit Santa’s reindeers? Before I start telling you about the Deer Farm, I’m going to tell you a little bit of it’s history. Cam Sur Deer Farm is not new to the province. It’s been actually here since I was young. I remember when I was in grade school, it’s one pf the places we got to when we had field trips with my class. It was first located at the Cam Sur Capitol grounds but after sometime if just suddenly gone. Unknowingly, it was just relocated into a bigger environment and a more natural habitat for the deers.