10 things to do during Peñafrancia Fiesta.

The feast of Our Lady of Peñafrancia is celebrated on the Sunday after the Octave (8 Days) of September 8 (The Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary) that usually falls on the second or third Sunday of September in Naga City, Bicol Philippines.

Naga City is known as the heart of Bicol. Millions of devotees of Our Lady flock to the city for the 9 days novena for our lady of Peñafrancia.

So here are 10 things to do during the Peñafrancia Fiesta in my home city of Naga.

1. Attend the Traslación

It’s the start of the Fiesta. Our Lady of Peñafrancia and Divino Rostro is transferred by millions of devotees from the Peñafrancia church, our lady’s original home to Naga Metropolitan Cathedral.

What a great way to experience the festival by walking with Bicolanos and sharing the love for Our Lady.

Photo by kawalingpinoy.com

2. Eat Bicol

Your Bicol trip will never be complete without trying it’s famous delicacies. The Bicol Express and Laing are staples when you visit any household during fiestas. Who doesn’t love coconut milk (gata) dishes!

If you want to try some fusions with Bicolano favorites I suggest you try The Laing Pizza from Cam Sur Watersports Complex and The Bicol Express cannelloni and Laing mac and cheese at Togawe Cove Cafe.

Photo by nagacitydeck.com

3. Church Hopping

Naga is famous for being one of the most religious city in the Bicol region. Every corner has a church or a chapel. Visit all the most beautiful churches in Naga and those that are close to Naga.

4. Visit Amang Hinulid kan Calabanga

We’re already doing the visita iglesia why not also visit our Amang Hinulid located at Calabanga, Camarines Sur. The image of Christ laid to rest is visited by hundreds of devotees during holy week. It’s known to Bicolanos as the Alay Lakad.

5. Buy Everything Bicol

Pili Nuts we go nuts! Of courses a trip to Naga is not complete without souvenirs. Every pasalubong from the bicol region is not always made of Pili products, but also a lot of hand made products made from abaca are available. Best place to buy is at the People’s Mall of Naga, the biggest public market in Asia.

Photo by Jigz Sadiua

6. Competitions and Pageants

Every Fiesta is not complete without these events. But Naga has the longest and has maybe also the grandest Competitions and Pageants. Pageants are always a staple in every Filipino and Naga has it’s own grand pageant of pageants in Bicol. Miss Bicolandia, a stepping stone for every Bicolana. In terms of competition the whole region unites in Naga for the following events.

Photo by Pai Aguilar
Regional Band, Majorettes and Fancy Drill Competition
Photo by Pai Aguilar
Photo by Carlos Villarino 

Voyadores Festival

7. Concerts and Parties

Every day, every corner during the fiesta you will find a concert and party. Mostly malls offer free concerts to the devotees. Parties are also visible in the background. CWC holds one of the best parties in the province and the yearly booyah festival held here in Naga,

When you visit Naga one thing you will surely notice is that everywhere you go there is somewhere to eat. A lot of restaurants and cafes are in the city with great concepts. It’s a great way to meet people and talk to locals. Naga loves to eat!

Photo by cwcwake.com

Just a few minutes from Naga is Cam Sur water sports complex. Famously known as CWC, where wake boarders from all around the world go and escape the winter from their countries.

Photo by nagacitydeck.com

Now with it’s own inflatable park, its a perfect place for the whole family to enjoy.

But if you just want to be still in the city you can go to Mount Isarog to chill in the hot springs, located at barangay Carolina.

Photo by Ron Beriso

10. Experience the Fluvial Procession

To end the trip, you have to experience the Fluvial Procession where in Our Lady of Peñafrancia is transferred back to her home which is the Peñafrancia Basilica Minore. Ina should be the only lady on the boat, traveled by the “voyadores” by paddling boats along the Bicol River.

Photo by Carlos Villarino

Chanting and singing the Peñafrancia songs to Our Lady when she passes by along the bicol river is one of the most heart-warming feeling where our great devotion is being shown.

At the end of everything we all had fun and experienced a lot in a week.  Happy Peñafrancia Fiesta Naga! Viva La Virgen! 


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